Their Eyes Were Watching God



This book reminds me so much of The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Janie Crawford is the protagonist in the book and she basically overcomes what women really wanted during the 1920's. The majority of the elder generation affected the minds of the youth. This generation came from slavery and abuse and see a different world through their eyes. Now that slavery is over they still fear for the protection of their  families. Janie is lucky enough to not grow up in the time of slavery but her grandmother Nanny is still living in the past. She forces Janie to marry at a young age for her own protection. Nanny wanted to secure Janie's life and wanted to make sure that she wouldn't go through the things that she went through. Nanny doesn't see the bigger picture. Janie wants to explore her own life and find love. After Nanny catches her kissing a boy during a sexual experience she tries to block any feelings from happening. I really enjoyed reading about Janie's path to self discovery. She goes through various relationships which ultimately shape her in a strong woman in the end.