I know its been quite some time since I did an actual post so here it goes..


I've been in between so many books this semester. I usually don't complain about read a book but this class is just going by so damn fast that I am not really enjoying anything we are reading. We have about a week to read every book no matter the size. then we have to write a 500 word response to each and write an essay about a week every time we are done with certain books. AHHHHHH!!!! I've been trying to read all the books at the same time because I just have to finish them and I have to see for myself if I really like them. I mean I know I like them all of them are classified as "great books" and that is the name of this class! That's why the "Currently Reading" section has been going nuts this semester. In reality I am trying to read like 7 books at the same time and I am driving myself nuts! Oh and I am trying to fit my "just because" reading in because I have to be able to chose my own book from time to time.

Here they are:

The Odyssey: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation


Crime and Punishment


The Iliad (Fagles translation)


Books for another class because we have to design a new book cover: (I don't know which one to pick)

The Giver

Lord of the Flies

Animal Farm

The Metamorphosis and Other Stories (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Fahrenheit 451