I re-read these books in my children's literature class and was amazed at how different they were reading them as an adult. I think every one should read books from their childhood all over again. There is some amazing things that you can learn from them. The background information about Alice in Wonderland is pretty creepy and didn't learn about it until this class. It also somehow tied into my History of Photography class because Lewis Carroll was a photographer. The Island of The Blue Dolphins was one of the most boring books I read in 5th grade. I barely read it and ended up losing it somewhere in my room. Now I love the book and understand why it is read in most elementary schools. James and the Giant Peach is another interesting book. I was too young to read the book when I was little so I watched the movie instead. I think that the book is much better than the movie and enjoyed reading it for this class. Coraline was first published when I was in 6th grade. I remeber this book being popular among my classmates and I decided to take it out of the library. It was one of the scariest stories I ever read. I remeber getting scared reading it at night and I remember the scary illustrations of some of the characters in the book. It was fun experiencing that all over again when I had to re-read it for the dark elements it has. I also enjoy watching the movie.