I haven’t read Dracula until my Comp and Lit 2 class in college. I had already had an interest in vampires but never really took the time to read one of the most famous vampire novels of the world. This book is recommended to Twilight fans that think they know it all when it comes to vampires. I am also a Twilight fan but I consider myself more of a Dracula fan. Never would I have imagined this book to be so incredibly good. One of the most amazing things about this book is that it is a reflection of the society during the time it took place. During a time where science was a freighting yet fascinating thing. The inspiration for Count Dracula is believed to be based on Prince Vlad “Dracul” Tepes, which was one of the most terrifying rulers of all time. I had to write a paper at the end of class about the story and I had to do a lot of research on the diseases, discoveries, and legends of that time. I enjoyed researching the topic and learning the way Bram Stoker created such an epic novel.





Highly recommend movie once you're finished with the book =) The closest adaption that I have seen so far!