This is by far one of my favorite plays ever written. Medea is betrayed by her husband Jason and basically thrown away for someone else. He chooses to mary the king's daughter knowing what he put Medea through. Clearly the woman did everything to be with this man and when he feel likes it, he ends it. Medea wants revenge on her husband and plot to kill his new bride, the king and her children. Before she is able to plot her revenge the kind decides he wants to banish her to save the kingdom from any future plans that Medea might have for revenge. He is afraid of her which is actually pretty interesting. Women were treated as objects to have sex with, or to have babies with. They had no control over their lives and the men overpowered them. Her husband Jason can clearly marry someone else and do whatever he wants to do and Medea has no say in it. Medea hated her children because they were a symbol of their "fake" marriage. I'm not really sure if I agree with her killing her own children but I don't know how I would react if a all this happened to me.


Medea wanted him to feel what she felt. She wanted him to feel betrayed. She killed his new bride and her father and ended up killing her own children as a final attempt to hurt Jason. After killing her children she planned to flee from the kingdom and to never let Jason see the children. Jason wanted to see their bodies but Medea wasn't having it. She was in control in the end.