So I logged into my Nytimes account and I found this horrible article along with a few others about animals. So apparently mute swans are a "prohibited invasive species". What the hell does that mean? The goal is to eliminate all of the 2,200 swans in the state by 2025. What the hell is the world coming too?! So if I see a swan in NYC I will feed it with absolutely no regrets. Basically they want to kill them because there are too many? There's too many people in some countries but they don't deserve to die and WE DON"T KILL THEM. Animals don't suffer enough with this global warming crap? Mute Swans were introduced from Europe in the late 1800's. Now by 2025 people want to eliminate them? Ok, so they're grouchy sometimes, but that is no reason to kill them. If they are such a haazard why not drive them out of NY and lead them somewhere else instead of slaughtering them? I enjoy watching the swans in NYC and the Hudson River. Ugh I hate the world.


P.S "Some bird-watchers have reported scary encounters with aggressive swans protecting nests". <- Well why the hell are you bothering them? They are PROTECTING THEIR NESTS!!