The beginning of this book drove me crazy. I've been reading a lot of YA books and I had to completely switch my brain in order to read this book. I love Greek mythology but trust me when I say you have to know something about it before reading this book. I haven't written responses to a book in awhile so I am a tad bit rusty. I got past Book 1 which isn't so bad (with a little help from Sparknotes). Its actually quite interesting and completely different from what I've been reading. I have to write a 500 word response by Tuesday on books 1-11. I also want to read The Iliad because it took place before The Odyssey. Of course I'm a nerd and would want to read outside books. I am really enjoying this book so far but not a very big fan of the constant note taking. I just like to read and possibly write about it after. A lot of the questions I have to asnwer in my responses are really hard but that's the only way I can answer them! I refuse to write and highlight in my book. Oh Well. Maybe I won't need the help of Sparknotes anymore?


The Odyssey