I finished reading this book in approximately 3 days. I recently purchased the book at Barnes in Noble in the Palisades Mall. I went into Barnes and Noble with the intention of entering the $1,000 gift card give away (which I hope I win). There were so many things going on that day in all the Barnes and Noble stores across the country. I walked in and saw a woman sitting at a table in the middle of the floor. Of course she caught my attention because she had two stacks of books on the table. I walked up to her and saw that her books were the Monument 14 series. I've constantly walked past the series because of the awesome artwork on the covers but I never got around to reading it. I didn't even know it was a series to begin with. She smiled at me and asked me if I read the book. I said I haven't but I've seen here books all the time. Of course she was doing a book signing so it doesn't take me that long to get suckered into buying a book. She signed my book and I got a free pin with it. I got home and read the back of the book and looked at her picture. I googled her other book to see the price when I discovered her picture without glasses. I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew I had seen her somewhere. I read her short biography and was amazed to find out that she starred in the movie Superstar. I was so excited yet I felt so stupid that I didn't recognize her in person. Long story short I purchased the second book and I will be waiting for her arrival again at the Palidsades so she she can sign the second and the third book =D










Review: Like I said I read this book in approximately 3 days. I'm so used to apocalyptic books dealing with zombies and what not (my boyfriend's preference). A group of kids get stuck in a supermarket because of all the crazy things going on outside. The back of the book will tell you that it starts with a huge hail storm and a chemical spill (hope the chemical spill is in the back and I just didn't give it away). I was interested to see how she would incorporate the hail storm and the chemical spill together and she did it quite nicely. This book is very realistic. I almost felt it was too realistic if there is a such thing. There is a lot of violence which makes it so real. I almost want to see how it turns out in a movie or something. This book reminds me of Mike Mullin's series with the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano (no zombies). I'm not going to lie there were some parts that just seemed to drag but life seems to be a drag sometimes, sometimes interesting can't always happen) and I would speed up the reading process but overall the book was great. It really caught my attention since the beginning of the monster hail storm. I especially like how she has a wide range of kids in the supermarket. She doesn't just have teenagers. She has kids that range from kindergarden to adult years. The beginning scene is pretty epic and I hope I encourage you guys to read it!