Because of You


I know it says that I'm currently reading Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques but I didn't for the past two days. By the time I have time to myself to breathe its 2 am and its either go to sleep or stay up all night reading a book. Trust me If I didn't have to go to school I would rather stay up. Anyways, I started reading Because of You by Maria Monteiro (which I got signed). I knew I was going to just probably start another book but not get around to finishing it because of this semester. It blew my mind that I started and finished this book in a day and 1/2. This book was AMAZING! I got so involved with so many of the characters. I felt like I was watching one of those high school movies where the popular guy ends up falling in love with a girl who isn't so popular. I usually just stick to the classics or Nonfiction. I'm very picky when it comes to YA books. This definitely changed my mind and I just had to finish it! Maria has a great way of bringing the reader back into high school. How many of us had a crush on the most popular girl/boy? How many of us have been hurt by a boy/girl? How many of us were so worried about what people thought? I felt like I was 16 years old again, cheering on the characters. I was getting mad at some characters. I even teared in the ending. I truly recommend this book to any one who likes YA books.