So I finally read this book for the first time. It's been sitting on my shelf for the longest. I decided to read the book now because a new version of the movie just came out and an old version of the movie is on Netflix. The beginning of this book had me hooked. Carrie is such a child in many ways. I was definitely asking myself questions about her while I was reading it. How can she not know about her....? How could she possibly think that she was...? WHO IS HER MOTHER?! I've always seen parts of the movie and I always thought she was some kind of monster that decided to kill all the kids at her school. Now I finally know why she did it. Do I have sympathy for the people she killed? hmmm.. I mean they finally stopped bugging her right? these people were pretty cruel i must say. gave a new meaning to the word "bully". I have more sympathy for Carrie than i do for the people she killed. What I really enjoyed most was the way in which Stephen King wrote the book. He has the story of Carrie all the way up to the end of her prom and he has interviews and excerpts from other passages about Carrie. More of a look on the past and the future events of Carrie White. That was pretty cool. The first movie that ever came out was way too short, especially the ending. I felt that they could have done more with that. Now I have to see the new movie with some of my favorite actors. maybe this one will be better!


Favorite Characters


-Her Mother