When I was reading this book I came to realize that I would have not picked this book up if i was younger. Reading it as an adult is definitely much better than reader it as a child. This book is recommended for a younger audience but I find it a little difficult to comprehend. The language Brian jacques reminds me of the language that J.R.R Tolkien uses. Regardless of the languge, this book was truly amazing! I am amazed at the fact that Jacques has a prequel series and the series that i started has 22 books! Jacques definitely has a great imagination. One of my favorite characters wouls have to be Cluny The Scourge. I am always attracted to the "bad characters". I love how Jacques creates a character that drives himself mad trying to conquer a piece of land. Matthias is also my other favorite charcter. You just have to read it too truly understand what I am talking about haha. 


P.s this book has the same amount of adventure as a J.R.R Tolkien book and that's a fact!