So I know I've heard about this book sometime in my high school years and I never came around to reading it. The I came across it again while I was watching a movie with Daniel Radcliffe which was really good and it was mentioned again. The movie is called Imperium and you guys should definitely watch it! this move really made me want to read this book. I've read plenty of reviews online and most of them say that this book is one of the most racist pieces of literature around. This book was the so called "bible" for various crimes. When I first heard about this book I thought it was nonfiction but I was surprised to find out that this book is fiction. This tiny little book really became the source for some of the most outrageous crimes.

    Now I am not entirely sure about this statement but I heard that this book was far worse than Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Woah.. seriously? So I was even more curious about this this book. i finally took it out of the library and decided to read it. So far there is some pretty insane stuff. Its interesting that the author chose to write the book in this manner and its interesting to read about the impact that this book has on people. I am not a fan of the contents of this book at all but wow... its insane that people base their way of thinking because of this book.