Hell House By Richard Matheson was quite interesting. This guy seriously has a crazy imagination, its not surprising that he is one of Stephen King's inspirations! This book reminded me of the moive House on Haunted Hill (yes I know there's a book) and another movie with a haunted house. The main character's name is Eleanor. Anyways, Matheson has a crazy imagination he seriously thought of everything that belongs in a haunted house (I'm kind of scared to watch the movie now). Oh and i was also scared sh*tless reading this book at night. (not recommended haha) So many twists in the story that just made me angry and surprised and just wow! Matheson has a way of driving the characters mad! This book cannot be compared to today's horror/haunted house movie's. I personally think that his stories are just a great source to use for horror movies. I highly recommend his book to Stephen King fans, and people who like horror stories and movies!


Hell House