Yes I know, this book was not under my "Currently Reading" section. I couldn't help myself I already owned this book and I just haven't gotten around to actually reading it. Anyone that knows me knows that I have to read the book first before watching the movie. Unfortunately it wasn't the case with this book. I've seen the movie awhile ago on tv. I didn't know that it was a book to begin with. I suppose I'm off the hook? I decided to read the book and give it a chance after watching the movie on Netflix for the 3rd time. I can't explain exactly what it is about me reading the book first. In the book I don't like to know what's going to happen next and I don't like it to be ruined. I don't mind it in the movie and I always like to compare it to what I read.

      Well enough of my rant. I did enjoy the book just as much as the movie. Obviously the book is always going to be better than the movie. Overall the movie does follow the book. I wouldn't say entirely but for the most part it does. I definitely don't want to go into detail about the book in case some of you haven't read it. Some of you may classify this story as a children's book or an adult book. The author describes his story as just a book. It doesn't fall into any category really. Yes, the story is about two small boys during the reign of Hitler. I believe that children and adults will enjoy this book. I liked it because it gave a different perspective during the reign of Hitler. I am so used to reading from the perspective of adults that I rarely come into contact with a child's perspective.


**Please read the book before watching the movie