Unfortunately I've been stuck in a sort of coma when it comes to reading. Constantly going to the library and Barnes & Noble to pick up some books. The point is I haven't been reading for quite some time now. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to read The Diary of Anne Frank. Perhaps I was watching Freedom Writers or something. 

          I've had this book since the 7th grade. I read it and I remember enjoying it. As I got older I forgot about many things that happened in the diary. Of course I knew the basic stuff and what happens to Anne in the end but I forgot a lot go the events in between. So i decided to read it again, and now I'm 24 years old. Reading this book now that I'm older is a very different experience. I related to Anne more which is weird because she was 14 and now I'm "older" than her. Perhaps the first time I chose to read this book, I wasn't ready yet. I appreciate it more now that I'm older if that makes sense. I enjoyed reading this book again and I highly recommend people to read her diary for a second time.. especially if they've read it at a young age =)


P.S I am officially back on Booklikes and I can't wait to read more books now.