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If it wasn't for my library I wouldn't haven evben heard about this author or this book. Richard Matheson passed away in June of this year =( I wish I would have found out about his books sooner. (I would have probably waited for his new writings along with everyone else). I would have most likely put any of his new books on hold in Barnes and Noble. I watched the I am Legend movie when it first came out. it was a pretty interesting movie. Now that I saw there is an actual book I went a little nuts. I am a sucker for any type of vampire story. I was shocked about the creatures being vampires. i seriously thought that they were some sort of Zombie. I WAS SO WRONG.This book book had me at hello. The way the author writes about Robert Neville and his madness. the way the vampires have a mind of their own. This is truly one of the best vampire novels I have ever read since Dracula. Pretty much scared the crap out of me. (Rarely happens) Matheson gives the vampires a mind of their own. They're a civilization trying to survive the same way that Neville is trying to survive. I highly recommend this book to any vampire lover. Even if you're not a vampire lover and you're a person who likes books about survival and adventure. In the back of this book there is a collection of some of his short stories. They are also well written. I guarentee that you will have chills down your spine!